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A Basque dance company founded in Donostia in 1968 by director Gene Yurre. Faustino Aranzabal has been the artistic director since 1993. In 2000 Idoia Ibarzabal joined as head of dance and assistant manager. With the world of tradition as a source of inspiration for creativity, original, versatile theatre dance is created, paying heed to both dramatics and quality of movement. Outstanding works: Hostoak (1996), Soka (1998), Bestaberri (2000), Marixe (2002), Sehaska (2006), Buba eta Bubu (2011), Oteizaren kaxa beltza (2014), Zeruko (2017) and Ikonografiak (2019). Inspiration comes from historical vanguards, literature, the performing arts and new artistic disciplines, and work is shown at two-yearly festivals such as those held at Lyon, Wuppertal, Venice and Kassel. 

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